Posted by: purestjoy | March 6, 2007

I thought I had posted this earlier.  Oops.

 Today has pretty much been a perfect day, for which I am eternally thankful. 

I woke up around 8:30, had my coffee and breakfast and then just holed away in my room for the rest of the day…with occasional foraging for food.  I purposely didn’t write down a schedule. I knew I wanted to go through the “cleansing your inner sanctuary” material, and I wanted to pray, and I wanted to read some … and end with a bubble bath.  It was so luxirious to give myself the freedom of not having to get something done, and to just BE with God.  Will I do this again? Oh, most definitely. I am so blessed that I can do this.    I ended with reading Andrew Murray’s “Absolute Surrender” , and this really struck me … so I am going to note it down here for future reference.

In the second and the fourth chapters of Acts we read that the disciples were of one heart and of one soul. During the three years they had walked with Christ they never had been in that spirit. All Christ’s teaching could not make them of one heart and one soul. But the Holy Spirit came from Heaven and shed the love of God in their hearts, and they were of one heart and one soul. The same Holy Spirit that brought the love of Heaven into their hearts must fill us too. Nothing less will do. Even as Christ did, one might preach love for three years with the tongue of an angel, but that would not teach any man to love unless the power of the Holy Spirit should come upon him to bring the love of Heaven into his heart.

Think of the church at large. What divisions! Think of the different bodies. Take the question of holiness, take the question of the cleansing blood, take the question of the baptism of the Spirit – what differences are caused among dear believers by such questions! That there are differences of opinion does not trouble me. We do not have the same constitution and temperament and mind. But how often hate, bitterness, contempt, separation, unlovingness are caused by the holiest truths of God’s Word! Our doctrines, our creeds, have been more important than love. We often think we are valiant for the truth and we forget God’s command to speak the truth in love. And it was so in the time of the Reformation between the Lutheran and Calvinistic churches. What bitterness there was than in regard to the Holy Supper, which was meant to be the bond of union among all believers! And so, down the ages, the very dearest truths of God have become mountains that have separated us.


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