Posted by: purestjoy | March 7, 2007


If you have not taken my test. You may not look at these. If you do look at these and then take the test, all I have to say is “for shame, for shame, for shame” and be on the look out for rabid llamas.  I’m just sayin’ …..


1.  Monkeys.    I have collected monkeys since I was 12. My first one was a stuffed puppet monkey named Curious George. ( I am oh so creative)

2.  Peanuts.

3.  Cashier.  I wanted to show off my fingernails … and I have never forgiven Scotty Pippen for not picking my essay in the contest that I entered.

4.   Cemetaries.  I know people think it’s morbid, but I love reading in cemetaries. Come spring, you will find a blanket and a pillow in my car for that purpose.  It’s quiet, nobody goes there … and it’s like a little bit of country in the city.

5.  Pride & Prejudice (A&E).  While I do love all the others, P&P is my favorite.

6.   Washington.

7. 3 nieces, 2 nephews … Daisy, Zak, Cora, Rachel & Zane. All very cute and very much adorable … ranging in age 20 to 6. or is it 21 to 7?  I don’t know. Something like that. (I really am a good aunt! )

8.  Working in an orphanage overseas.  Lord willing, one of these days I will at least visit one. 🙂

9.   We’re slowly poisoning ourselves to death.  … and that’s just the beginning, folks.

10.   Tinkerbell.  While I did have the nickname  “Popcorn”, Tinkerbell was for hockey.  Though trust me, I was nothing like Tinkerbell on ice.  Let’s just say, I was very grateful for hockey padding. 😉

And there you have it. More than you need to know about me.  But I had fun making it, and I had fun answering everybody’s elses tests too. 🙂



  1. I had forgotten about the cemetary. Bad me. 😦

  2. I guessed Popcorn, but I so had you pegged for the Incredible Hulk. I figured you probably played against the kids you babysat, and were checking kids like 16 years younger than you into the snowbanks, so they called you that.

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