Posted by: purestjoy | March 12, 2007

Watch out world, my father has entered the blog world!   Not entered as in writing, but entered as in reading.  It will quite hilarious to see what he learned via blogs. 😉   He always has an interesting spin on things, especially all things computer. * I LOVE YOU DADDY!*

 I thought I had more to say, but apparently not.  So I shall leave it at that.  🙂    Oh, and since it was announced at church, Mom’s test is today and if y’all could be praying, that would be wonderful.  Basically, she has a growth on her esphogus …. She had an endoscopy earlier and it showed that it wasn’t on the inside of the esophogus (which meant no esphogial cancer..yay) but there is definitely something there. So today, they’re going in to see if it’s on the inner wall or coming in from the outside.   I am actually pretty calm about this. I think it will be fine. But prayer is always nice.   (more on my heart actually at this moment is for a lady at church, who’s having cancer surgery today….:/ )

 Much Love!



  1. How did it go?

  2. Mostly good news. It’s most likely not cancer, though they went ahead and did a biopsy. But, it is in the esophogeal wall. :/ So, we’ll meet with the original doctor to decide what to do about it in two weeks. The doctor who did the ultrasound said that he would have it removed since it was so big, but the first doctor had said unless it was really starting to bother mom she would just leave it,if it ended up being in the wall because that’s a hard surgery. So … yeah.

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