Posted by: purestjoy | March 19, 2007

So it’s cold outside. You need to exercise. You don’t have a membership at a gym. It’s late. Where do you go?    Home Depot and Meijers!   Despite public opinion on the subject, I actually worked up a sweat trotting through the stores.  Now, seeing as we didn’t have a pedometer I don’t know actually how far we walked, but they’re huge stores so I’m sure it was like 3 or 4 miles seeing as we walked for an hour .. going around and around.  We did get some looks at Home Depot.  Well, Dianna thought we got strange looks. Apparently, I always get looked at strangely so I didn’t notice anything different.

 Saturday, I spent with the lovely Gertrude (i.e. Julia) Originally we were going to go see “Amazing Grace” at 11:40  and then have lunch.   We did. Then we went to Starbucks … then we checked out the hip Marsh … then we had Coldstone’s … and by that time it was 7, and dear Gertrude was like “Hey, wanna go see “The Ultimate Gift”??”  and we walked in right on time for it.    It was a memorable day.  

 Including a former SNL member who apparently now owns the strip mall up there, offering to buy our drinks, and telling the Starbucks people to give us whatever we wanted and to put it on her tab.  

 And then the propisition I got from an older gentlemen  for a platonic love affair. o_O

 Let the record reflect that both movies were VERY good, and if you’re going to see “the ultimate gift” it is highly recommended that you take TISSUES … I did not know this, and I was a mess.  Of course we all know that I tend to get emotional at movies, but this one especially.    My one consolation is that the 3 older ladies who sat right next to me were sobbing just as hard as I was.



  1. I miss you three so much! It is good to see you are keeping up with the exercising. I got back on track this morning. Yippee! I can hardly wait until April 27th when I will be coming in town.

  2. Yes! The mall works well, too. It’s fun pushing two strollers abreast at high(er) speed. You’d be amazed at how many people cut across in front of us and we have to squeal the tires trying not to hit them!

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