Posted by: purestjoy | March 23, 2007

Last night I dreamt I was an old guy.   It was very very odd. 

I wish you could somehow control your dreams. I’ve heard some people can.   Since Ereling passed away, I have only dreamed of him rising again from the dead.  It’s kind of weird. Sometimes he’s fully healed, and I can’t wiat to take him somewhere to show people the miracle  and sometimes he is still so very sick. And I can remember thinking in one of my dreams, “This isn’t fair.  He shouldn’t have to go through death again”.  I wish that I could dream of him fully alive in my dreams. :/   Then at least he would be alive there. 

 But no, I dream I’m an old guy keeping people from dancing, because once you start dancing, it means you’ve died, you’ve embraced death.   Yeah….explain that one to me!


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