Posted by: purestjoy | April 23, 2007

When people ask me to wink at them when something is done, they have NO idea what they’re asking.   (and even if I could wink, you think I’m going to wink at you in front of a whole room of people???? I THINK NOT! ) 

Well, I do think. But whatever.

I had 3 hours of sleep. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It was worth it, though. I think so now. Check back with me at 3:00

There’s lots of guys in pink shirts today. It’s oh so very cute.  Guys in pink make me giggle. I don’t know why. It shouldn’t. But it does. 

I’m addicted to the Fiesta Salad at Charlie & Barney’s. I think I’m going to get it for lunch … for the third day … in a row. I’m sure this uncovers some deep psychological need of mine. 

I am very content right now. It’s a wonderful feeling.  I don’t like feeling uncontent, especially when there’s not a bloomin’ thing I can do about it. 🙂 So yay for God asnwering my prayers! 🙂 

Sometimes…..I talk too much.   Like. WAAAY too much.   about nothing.   It’s a horrible habit and I should get over it.  Yes huh.  Or least when I talk ahve it be about SOMETHING. 

I need to email Father Joshua.  He emailed me awhile ago, and I just haven’t gotten back. bad me! 

Backj to work. YAY!


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