Posted by: purestjoy | April 25, 2007

Sometimes I am simply amazed by people.  Most of the time I’m amazed by God. (It should be all the time, but I’m a little dense at times)

I’ve been told I’ve been quiet on all fronts, and for that, I’m sorry. :/   I find myself writing, and then I find myself saying “um. yeah. don’t want everybody reading that.”  So then it goes on “private”.   Sometimes you have to internalize so that you can you write properly about what you’re learning.  Of course, the key is not to internalize too long so that you can’t talk about it.   And in the meantime, all my adoring “fans” (har har har), are wondering whether I am doing okay.    I am.  A hard week (and wow, does the word get around in my little group)  but I really am doing okay now. 🙂

 For all my quietness, not too much has been going on.  ‘Tis the sad fact, but it’s true.  I mean, seriously….do you want to hear about my day to day life?  Probably not.  Even REALLY good friends don’t want to hear about that! 😉   

And with that…I should write more, but I gotta get to work.  (if i were wise, I would delete this…but then another day would have gone by without me posting anything …so I shall post 😛 )



  1. Are you sure close friends don’t want to hear about the everyday stuff? Well, I am a far away friend, as in distance, and I care because well I don’t see you much. 🙂 I miss you & hope you are growing closer to God through this. He knows your ups & downs like no other could. Love ya girl! Erica

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