Posted by: purestjoy | April 30, 2007

I was born to speak all mirth & no matter

  • Summer reading is “Much Ado About Nothing”.  A high school teacher, who took us through “Beowulf”,  is guiding us through this one. I am excited. 🙂   I wasn’t able to finish Beowulf because of everything that was going on .. but what I did, I really enjoyed.
  • I walked 10 miles yesterday. (I think)  I’m not as sore today as I thought I would be.
  • I still think I’m in need of a psychiatric exam for thinking I could do this.  Mom says there’s no shame in not finishing, so I’m just going to remember that when the short bus picks me up on Saturday.
  • We walked along the canal yesterday.  After walking and watching people I decided the following things:   I want to bike. I want to fly a kite. I want an African baby. And I want to speak a different language.
  • The signs that are popping up around town with the TOTAL misuse of Scripture make me sick to my stomach.   I want to post signs with other parts of Scripture that make it quite clear what the Lord thinks of the subject. :/  
  • Sometimes I get quite sad.   So if you see my crying or if I suddenly lose it for no apparent reason, pay me no mind, okay? okay. 🙂  Glad we got that cleared up.  I feel like I should come with a warning nowadays.  Also?   I’m still not quite thinking clearly.   We all know that I wasn’t that great to begin with, so this makes for some frustrating times.  Sorry. 
  • Tonight, I get coffee with my girls.  I’m quite looking forward to it. 🙂    The A team is back! (for a limited time only) 

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