Posted by: purestjoy | May 2, 2007

I got stepped on TWICE today.  Seriously folks. I’m WEARING BRIGHT PINK. CAN YOU NOT SEE ME!?!  I could have sworn my force field was down today. 

 In other news, I ❤ my Joshy.   You just can’t get much better.  His voices soothes my soul.  Or something. 😉    (my joshy would,of course, be josh groban.  he doesn’t know he’s my joshy. but he is. he would probably get really annoyed with being called joshy though.  maybe I should call him something like my little pumpkin heart. nobody could get annoyed with that. I’ll have to come up with a really good nickname for him. Not that he’ll ever know it. It will our little secret. )

 I have a bet with the DHL driver about who will work a full week this week. I think he’s going to win.  :0  I think we all can see I clearly need a vacation. 😉

 MUSIC OF THE POST:  “In her Eyes” –by my little pumpkin heart



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