Posted by: purestjoy | May 3, 2007

In our Bible Study at the house, we’re doing one on the Will of God.   This week something hit me, and I’ll try to explain.

This week we looked up verses on what is the will of God.   I.e., that none of his shall perish etc.  And it hit me …. I’ve always been a little disturbed when people talking about wanting the Lord to come today, etc.  And the fact that I’ve always been disturbed has bothered me.   I felt like I should want the Lord to come. I should want to be with Him.  He is my only joy, and my saviour and I WANT to be with Him.

Then as we were reading I felt relieved because I discovered why.  If the Lord were to return today ….. some of my family & friends would not be caught up in the air with me.  Family members who I love very very much….some very dear friends … they are not ready.  So for that reason, I’m thankful He has not returned … and is it wrong to pray, tarry a little longer Lord???  Quicken their hearts, and let them see …….  When I think of eternity, and them not being there … my heart hurts so badly.   How do you get people to realize there is MORE to this life?   Don’t prepare your children just to make it in this world…prepare them for the next??????


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