Posted by: purestjoy | May 31, 2007

I forgot to email the memorial thing yesterday. So I emailed it today …. hoping against hope that they could still get it done.  Sara was a sweety and said she’d try her best because she thought it was important and she loved what I wrote. ..  This is what I ended up saying:  

In Memory of Ereling 
You fought the good fight
You finished the race
You kept the faith. 

We will always love you and miss you,
Your family and friends

So yeah..I do hope that they get it up…..(Oh! And I got my smiley face pants! I can’t remember if I mentioned that before or not 🙂 )

In other news … not much is going on.  Crazy busy in every aspect of my life, but I feel like it’s all the “Tyranny of the Urgent” which I hate.    This weekend should be fun though.   I’m not overwhelmed … so the prospect of spending time with friends is FUN….I shouldn’t be thinking in the back of my mind how much I need to do, which just kind of ruins the time that you have with your friends if you’re thinking that. You can’t enjoy the moment.  So I’m grateful .. I just hope this mood keeps up through the weekend. I’m so moody lately that ,you know, it could change on a whim and all of a sudden I could be feeling SO overwhelmed. 

Yesterday I was listening to a sermon that really convicted me.   It was talking about how to be like David and not like Saul.   It was very interesting … and very convicting.   One of the things was having people around you. Obviously,  not everybody that surrounds you is going to be good. Some people are going to turn on you.  But pour your life into people … you should be gaining people and not losing them. If you’re continually losing friendships, there might be a problem.  Losing friends and losing your sanity.  That was really convicting to me.  Lately I haven’t been pouring my life into people. I’ve merely been stagnent.   So I need to start “moving” again.   And like Mom said at the gravesite … focus on the GOOd that God has given , and not what we have lost.  Live a life of gratitude.  Life a life of giving. 🙂

and with that….I gotta finish work 🙂   *LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE*



  1. How did the walk go yesterday? How did you hold up?

    Love ya,


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