Posted by: purestjoy | June 6, 2007

So I got one of those exercise balls.   

Yeah.  Those I should warn you are for talented people.  Which, just in case you were unaware of, I am most definitely not.  The screams and the hurt laughter coming from my room last night was disturbing.  I kept falling off the stupid thing.   I can do  the ab thing all right on it.   I seriously think I pulled a muscle doing them because this is the second day and I am still in extreme pain.  (okay, not extreme, but when I think about it .. or you know,  move my abs, they wrighe in agony)  It’s the working on the upper body that I kept going “AAAAAAAAAUGGGGG….THUNK”  “AUUUGGGGHHH….THUNK”    Gotta work on my balance, apparently.



  1. Cute! So, you never told me how the walk went.

    Love ya,


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