Posted by: purestjoy | June 29, 2007

2 years ago on this day they took out Ereling’s trache.

A year ago on this date, Ereling and I went to the IRT and saw Triple Espresso.  We had a whole email conversation about what he was going to wear. (He wanted to wear the smiley face pants ….)   

I miss him.   I know you all know that.  I know I don’t need to state it … yet in a way I do.  Some days I’m more aware of the depth of how much I miss him … Today would be one of those days.



  1. I think you do need to state it. We don’t need to hear just the rosy things in life (rejoice with those who rejoice), but also the sad things (weep with those who weep). If you refrained from posting about how much you miss Ereling, then we wouldn’t be getting a fair picture of you. Especially those of us who don’t see you often (me).

  2. I agree with Rachel.

  3. Just thought you might be interested in a friend’s blog.

    Check out June 30th entry.

    Love ya and miss ya

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