Posted by: purestjoy | July 18, 2007

So you all need to pray that my parents would get over this madness that is currently overtaking their minds and making them think they want to move to a faraway land.

I know you all think that I probably need to grow up and get used to being on my own. Well, for your information, I have absolutely no intention. I DON’T WANNA BE A LITTLE ORPHAN GIRL!  I like living by my parents, I like having that security, and I like knowing no matter what .. they’re there.  I like having a place to hang when everybody else is busy.   I like having hugs right there when I have a bad day, because NOBODY gives hugs like my mommy.   I like having somebody to talk to when people just don’t understand, when my feelings get hurt, I like getting extra, already cut watermelon.  So yeah. THEY CAN”T LEAVE. 😛 😛 😛  I believe in making my feelings quite clear in this area.   I sat on my door step when Mom left yesterday (i was in jammies) and wailed, trying to make myself look quite pathetic.  It only succeeded in making Mom laugh. 😛  

SO yeah….PRAY.  Mom says to pray that everybody would be content in God’s will.   Harumph.



  1. S0——-the fog is clearing from the minds of the wise——-Grima’s spell has lost its luster–let their hands take up their swords and memories will return.

    Arise I say and sniff the western winds, drink the ocean spray, let the trees awaken you with the murmurings of the breeze, let the waters of the rivers run wild and cold, let the mountains beckon with their secrets yet untold——-

    Or for those who know no better and haven’t had a choice—–They prefer to think they wander on the eastern lands of old, pre-laid through-out in squares of toil, with concrete for a pathway and asphalt for the soul.

  2. I will pray you will not follow, just as I pray for Julia to choose Frank over Poland. 🙂

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