Posted by: purestjoy | August 14, 2007

Hey Mom! Look what I Found!

Optional Title:   What I had for dinner.

In case you’re wondering, yes that IS the fingertip of a blue latex glove.   Yes, I did freak out  and feel sick to my stomach after realizing that the cheese wasn’t extra rubbery, but it was BLUE and LATEXY … not part of my normal pizza routine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thankfully there wasn’t a finger in it … though somebody says that it probably got all shriveled up when cooked.  *SHUDDERS*



  1. Absolutely Gorgeous Photo/Picture!!!
    And I will look at my Pizza from now on!!
    You can find me on “MySpace”..can’t remember the url at the moment though….i think it’s
    Anyway glad I found you I’ll beeee bacckikk…

  2. Gross !!
    Round pizza

  3. Ewwwwwwwwww
    That is so gRoss.
    Sorry it was on your plate.

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