Posted by: purestjoy | September 17, 2007

I am exhausted.  How exhausted am I, you ask?   Well this morning I got up, took a shower, sat down with coffee in hand to have my devotions …. and I promptly fell asleep.  Yes folks, sitting up with a cup of coffee in my lap.   I woke about 30 minutes later, with no coffee spilled (thank goodness!)  But yeeesh! 

This week was filled with watching little Levi again.   I was there from Friday night to Sunday night.   I give total props to all of you parents with special needs children!  By the time Sunday night rolled around, I didn’t think I had anything left in me.   He is a VERY sweet boy, and totally melts your heart … but it is constant watching.    Saturday, I wasn’t feeling too good in the afternoon so I took some pain killers and I put on a video (he loves elephants so Dumbo it was 🙂 ) and I laid on the couch. I wasn’t asleep, but I didn’t have both eyes on him …… and then he came over and started wiping something on the couch …. and was then trying to wipe somehing on me … yes folks … Poop was EVERYWHERE.  Couch, walls, him, me …. everywhere.   I have watched a lot of kids in my lifetime …. but this was a first.   He was FAST .. I mean, it’s not like I left him alone for 5 minutes…I took my eyes off maybe a minute or two and bam, it was everywehre!

Sunday, I was very brave and took him to church.  I was thinking I could just take him upstairs and listen to it being piped in.  Since it was Mr. Smith’s last day, I hated to miss it.   But of course the sound system wasn’t working correctly, so I really could have just stayed home with little Bubbers….and saved myself the embarassment of his little screech fit in the foyer, but oh well. 🙂  For everything there is a reason, and the Lord directs our steps……He did look VERY cute in his Sunday outfit, and his Momma was so proud of him.  

Oh, and in case you ever need to know …… Shaving Cream gets the smell out of furniture(poop, funky body odor, etc) .   File that away, you never know when that will come in handy!



  1. I had to clean up poop on the bathroom floor at the daycare today. I’m not sure how you get poop on the floor while wiping, but a four year old can manage it. Yours sounds much worse though, since mine was on linoliem (sp?) flooring. 🙂

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