Posted by: purestjoy | September 18, 2007

 At the moment, I am deep in the throes of deciding whether or not this is a cold or just REALLY bad allergies.  I have been taking medication but  the evil insurance company, who  think they are doctors and know everything there is to know about medicine and know more about me than my doctor and I do, decided that that they will no longer pay for my prescription since Claritin is over the counter and should work just fine for me…(which it DOESN’T)    So I don’t really know if the medicine isn’t working as well … or it it’s a cold.   

(side note:  Insurance companies really do bug me.  I mean, I’m very glad that we have them and all.  But seriously,   Claritin didn’t work for me when it was a prescription.   We went through 3 prescription medicines before we found one that DID work….You would THINK the insurance company would take that into consideration.    I hate it that they are now deciding our treatment instead of DOCTORS. 😛 )

In other news, I have been reading in Jeremiah recently.  At first it was slow going, but I have been really blessed recently.   Well, convicted and blessed…..heh.  😉


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