Posted by: purestjoy | October 13, 2007

One year today, he went home….

The whole family 🙂

(trying to get this picture taken was an ordeal….hilarious, though you can’t tell … but he would not open his eyes … and this was his version of a smile! 🙂 )

He always made us laugh……really hard. 🙂

Uncle Stanley & Ereling

Cousin David & Ereling

Brotherly Bonding……

Macho Macho Man.  

All of us here on earth can’t wait to see you again ….. can’t wait to laugh with you again …. and can’t wait to worship God with you again…..



  1. I have been thinking about your family all week, and missing Ereling. I miss the man who claimed his poop smelled like roses. I miss the man that ALWAYS had a laugh for me. I can’t imagine how much missage is going on in your heart. Love you dear.

  2. 😦 2 year’s ago It happened, when we were there.
    I remember Walking in seeing a pillow zoom to my face. I miss him so:(

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