Posted by: purestjoy | October 16, 2007

Sorrow, with despair removed, is the power chosen to reveal us to ourselves.Accordingly, it is sorrow that causes us to take time to think deeply and seriously. 

Sorrow makes us move more slowly and considerately and examine our motives and attitudes. It opens within us the capacities of life, and it makes us willing to set our capacities afloat on a limitless sea…  

I walked a mile with Pleasure,      

She chattered along the way;

But left me none the wiser     

 For all she had to say. 

I walked a mile with Sorrow,    

And ne’er a word said she,

But oh, the things I learned from her

      When Sorrow walked with me.

—stolen from various places…..Last one is by Robert Browning Hamilton


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