Posted by: purestjoy | October 18, 2007

  • My laptop at home, has once again decided not to recognize the power cord.  So the only internet I have is here at work.    Aren’t you lucky??? 😉  
  • You know what I don’t like?  Having 2 things going on at the same time, and you want to be at both, but you can’t … and you can’t decide which one to do. Because they are both good.     And you know me, being the optimistic PollyAnna that I am, the pro’s on each one are equal.  Why does this always happen to me?? (Doesn’t that sound way too dramatic??  *faints away on the couch*)  I would do a poll on what I should do, but certain people think I’m pathetic because I can’t make up my mind and so I have other people do it for me.   Personally, I think it’s just using the resources God has given me when it’s obvious that I can’t choose, no matter how much thought I put into it. 
  • I’m really tired this morning.  I’m trying to down coffee, but I’m so tired that it’s more like sipping because that’s all the energy that I have. hah.  Isn’t that pathetic?  
  • I started writing a story last night because I couldn’t sleep.  As I was writing it, I kept giggling to myself because I was all like “I’m a writer!” and then I read what I wrote, and I thought, “A really bad dorky writer! I could get published in the Worst Writers Ever magazine”.    I wonder if they have a magazine called that….*ponders*  It was supposed to a dramatic heart rending story, but I don’t think I quite captured that.   At all.   If I were a person reading it from the outside, I would have been rolling my eyes and guffawing.   
  • Speaking of work, we’re still having calls sometimes rerouted to Rhinestone Collar Dog Grooming.  Isn’t that fascinating??  

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