Posted by: purestjoy | October 19, 2007

Sometimes I wonder how many “me’s” are out there.  Not like real “little” me’s….but the idea’s of me.   What people think of me.   On one hand, I want to know … on the other hand, I think it’s best if I don’t.

I can’t control what people think of me.   Sometimes when people say things, I just have to look at them and swallow my laughter and/or bite my tongue.  Just like, some people think that I have changed a lot. To me…. I haven’t really.   I have matured, but my same basic foundations are the same.  A little while ago, somebody said something that I had changed from when I a teenager, and it was something that I thought I hadn’t changed at all on..I thought I had alwasy been like I am now. So I looked at my mom … and she agreed with me. I had always had this certain personality trait….and it just made me wonder, how in the world did this person get this idea????   At times, I wish that I had  handbook that I could just give people.  I know that there are plenty of misconceptions about me out there.  And I know that there are people who like to think that they are intuitive, think certain things about me….that are completely not true, and that just frosts me.  But…what can you do? 🙂

What I find hilarious though is the complete range ….. People on one side think that I’m just a little social butterfly, with tons of friends, never staying still ….. and then people on the opposite side think that I am completely anti-social.   Some people think that I am completely unable to have any kind of serious thoughts, while others think I am far too serious.  One group: I am uber mature:  Another:  Not to be trusted with one speck of responsiblity.

So, why the complete range?   I am really that different, with different people?   Or do people put on me their expectations, and look at me from their own lenses and how they want to see me??   I know I do act a little bit different around different people … it’s called adaptability.   If you’re with a more mature group, you’re not going to be displaying you’re rocking polka skills.   It’s not the place.   You adapt.  But the core is the same.   But sometimes people get so caught up with the non-core things that they are unable to see the core. But then, “out of the heart the mouth speaks” … so my actions represent my core.  So can one be both anti-social and social at the same time?  And would the real me please stand up???? 😉

Anyways…I’m still of course thinking through all of this … but, I basically just wrote this, as a reminder to myself … Just as I wish people would be patient, and maybe not completely write me off on their first impressions of me….. I need to be patient with other people.   I need to look past just  my view of them, and see them…. There’s always more to people. (most of the time)  


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