Posted by: purestjoy | October 23, 2007

“I’m falling apart….Barely breathing….With a broken heart…that’s still beating…In the pain is there healing….in Your name…I find meaning….so I’m holding on….Holding On….Holding onto You…”

I’m addicted to that song right now.   It’s just so….pretty! I have it on repeat, and I’m sure I’m annoying everybody around me…but that’s okay. I don’t mind. 😉     

Tomorrow  is a road trip with my brother, Karsten!  I can’t wait!   He loves my singing so much. I’ve been practicing ALL day!    Especially to like….Shania & Faith Hill ….  *evil grinz* 

Last night was Girls’ night with the LJ gang ….. I got through almost unscathed. I was having problems with the glasses.  I started off with spilling water ALL over my pants … then I proceeded to drink out of the wrong glass … and that got me all flustered that when I got my drink, it jumped out of my hand and ice went everywhere…and my straw ended up in Krikket’s lap…who was sitting across the table. 

And I tell you this so you all can feel so much better about yourselves.   I feel that’s my true calling in life… make others feel better….when you think you’re dorky…just gotta think, “Well, I’m not as bad as Katrina”.        you’re welcome. 😉



  1. I wish I could of been there. 🙂

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