Posted by: purestjoy | November 2, 2007

I don’t feel like writing to make sense…so here is randomness!

I would like to know who gave permission for it to be NOVEMBER already?!    This is ridiculous.     

 Last night all the teachers in school ganged up on me.  I think I might be scarred for life.   I also think I need to look into drugs.    I need something that will get me in the “zone”.   (P.S.   I am kidding.   Though it’s sort of tempting. that’s stupid. And if you don’t know me, you might take that bit seriously….so I feel the need to clarify….I forget that most people don’t know that the majority of what I say is tongue in cheek)

Good news….I think our furnace might be finally working.  We’re crossing our fingers.  Let me tell you…..Toilet seats get COLD when the house has a tempature of 55 degrees! And it’s not a pleasant way to wake up, either.

Busy weekend ahead…well, busy week really.  It’s just the start of the holiday season, and I’m already feeling a wee bit overwhelmed.  But God is good …. And He will give me the energy to get what needs to be done, right? Of course, right.  And really, how blessed am I. Friends & Family, Work & School.   Not everybody has those things, so how blessed am I to be able to enjoy them?? 🙂


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