Posted by: purestjoy | November 5, 2007

My boys lost yesterday.    But that’s okay.  We’re merely lulling the Cheaters into a false security because come playoff time, we will cream them.   That, or the Cheaters cheated again.  (Seriously, if they are as good as everybody says they are….WHY do they need to cheat? Hmmmmmmmm??????) 

 I’m having a great day.  I started off with somehow managing to get coffee in my cup AND on my foot at the same time.  I am magic.  Then I forgot to bring bread for my sandwich. So I ate tuna… bread. Just….Tuna.    I so rock!

Tonight is Cheeesake Factory!  Wheee! (erica, I so wish you could be here!)    We’re inaugurating the southside one. 🙂    One a side note, did you know I cannot find one single nutritional guide for their menu?   So I have no idea how much my dish costs. I’m going to tell myself it’s about 300 calories.   Because if I think it, that’s what it will be, right?   (Unforunately, I did find out the calorie count the cheesecake…..dang it! 😉 )



  1. I’m so sad I am missing out. 😦 Pure sadness overwelms me.

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