Posted by: purestjoy | November 8, 2007

Yesterday was a day of “flare prayers”.  You know, when you have those days when you go from one thing to another …. you have to deal with things you would rather not deal with it?   So you just pretty much beg for mercy and wisdom while you’re dialing the phone or starting the conversation?   Yeah. One of those days. 

It ended on a good note though, Girl’s Night In at Deb’s — dinner and a movie! (and DESSERT…LOTS AND LOTS OF DESSERT!!!)    Michael of course was just as cute as ever.  I think Deborah could have a blog just solely his quotes.  He’s hilarious!  

All in all, this week hasn’t been so bad.  I’m not as tired as I thought I would be. And I’ve only been to Starbucks ONCE … and I didn’t really need it, I was just psyching myself up for school that morning.  (I find I have to bribe myself … a lot.  You know,  “Self, if you get up and going in the morning…guess where we will go?  We’ll go to Starbucks!  And get your favorite, most expensive drink! Won’t that be FUN??”)  

I made a vow to myself yesterday too.  I turned down something that afterwards I was kicking myself for.   It was an instinct answer, out of fear.   So…I vowed to never just say ‘No’ out of fear again, well, immediately because of fear.  Now if I think about it, and am still terrified .. that might be another thing.  And I’m hoping I will get another chance with this.   I’ve just got to have confidence.   :/   Seems like I’m having to develop confidence a lot lately.  

And before I sign off, I think you all should play me Scrabulous on Facebook.  Because it’s fun, and it’s a way to bond across the miles.   Or across the computer. Or whatever. It’s a bonding experience that we all should have…sooo…plaaay meeeeeeeeeee?   =D


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