Posted by: purestjoy | November 13, 2007

“Give Him the glory, GREAT THINGS He DONE”

Angels     “For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways”

Aromas     As I was cooking dinner tonight, I must admit I did thank the Lord for the sense of smell because it did smell soooo good.  I’m a big fan of anything that smells good. So thank you Lord for the beauty of good smells!

Art    I am not one to go to art museums and I have never taken an art appreciation class, but I think it’s awesome when God blessed somebody with that talent because that in turn blesses me …. even if ,okay, I don’t fully “understand” it … or whatever.  (If it looks pretty, it looks pretty!  What else is there?! ) 

Answering Machine   Laugh, if you must, but I am SO thankful for answering machines. 2 reasons.  One, sometimes I simply don’t feel like answering the phone or am unable to, so it’s nice to have a method to know why somebody was calling, etc.  Two, the saving feature.  I have so many messages saved.   I have 6 from Ereling (including the “I love my Abs” one……:) 🙂 🙂  and yes, for this reason alone I may stick with Verizon forever so I never lose them)   and then I also have some saved from my friend Dianna, one where she is laughing and laughing and laughing …so whenever I need to be cheered up, I listen to that. And another one where she sings me a song ! “apple red cheerfulness, popcorn happiness….”  


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