Posted by: purestjoy | November 13, 2007

“Give Him the glory, GREAT THINGS He hath done!”

Today is the day to give thanks for answered prayers and miracles…..:)  So let’s start out, shall we?

Thinking back about recently answered prayers/miracles for me personally, over the past year …….I think of the story in the Bible where the coin appeared in the fishes’ mouth.  That was miracle.   Yet, if you didn’t see it for that, you would miss out on the awesomeness for that, if you merely saw it for just being a “coincidence”.   So for me … my laptop. I could NOT get it to work, for months, and then I prayed and I thought “hmm…I’ll try taking the  battery out and put it back in again”.  and it worked again. 🙂  

 And this may be big to no one but me, but a few weeks ago, I did not know what to do on a certain evening. So I prayed and I felt the answer on what I needed to do, like I hadn’t felt in a LONG time, I knew what I was to do beyond a shadow of a doubt.  It was nothing big at all, and I still don’t know WHY I was to do that…..but I still know that that was where I supposed to be.  And to me, that was pretty awesome. 🙂   Oh, and there was an issue of something that I needed to pay …… and when I went in to pay ….. they could find no record of me owing anything, it just disappeared!  (and yes…I must admit, I did pray for something to that affect…but I was still prepared to pay it….:) )


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