Posted by: purestjoy | November 15, 2007

Tomorrow is Prayer Meeting at the Convent. 🙂    You all are invited to come.  (seriously, you are!)    We shall be partaking of spaghetti, and—– hold on to your hats and socks and anything else that might fly off —- I am making the spaghetti sauce.   I *NEVER* cook for groups of people.   It’s a slight fear of mine. Heck, I fear cooking for anybody other than my roomies and Mom Dad & Karsten!  But I figure I can handle spaghetti. It’s the same recipe that I used when cooking for one of the world’s greatest surgeons …. so I figure it should be okay.   (Yes….have I ever told you about the time when we had the surgeon over to our house for dinner, the surgeon who was one the whole reasons we came to Indiana because he is THAT good —- and Mom ended up being in Oregon because my sister was having her baby ….so I (17 year old me)  ended up cooking.  And yes, we had spaghetti. And shockingly, nobody got sick ) 

Speaking of slight fears, I have acquired another solo in the play.  If y’all only KNEW how terrified I am about this!  A SOLO … this means ME…singing ALONE …. CENTER OF ATTENTION like! When you talk, it doesn’t matter if you’re off key or not…but for some reason, it really matters when you sing.   (go figure)  Now I can do this sometimes, but not all the time.  Let’s hope one of those times is the night of the play????  

But enough about fears, let’s talk about what I am thankful for!!    (don’t you love my segway?? 😉 )

Health   Okay so when I called into “Country Loving” , shockingly enough, it wasn’t to bemoan the fact that the man I love doesn’t love me back or even know I exist or that I don’t even know if HE exists or to gripe about the fact that there are no good men out there or all the myriad of things that I could have called about and had a lot of fun with (totally made up of course!)  I actually called because the question was what is something besides love that money can’t buy.   And it is health.  Because no matter how rich you are .. while you can buy things that can make you more healthy, you are not guaranteed health.   That is all the Lord’s hands. 🙂   So yes, I am very grateful for my health.  And I know that out there, there are some of you who struggle with your health….and yes, you are in my prayers because when you don’t feel good —that affects your whole life and how you approach it.

Heat   After our furnace not working for 2 weeks, you better believe that I am grateful for heat…especially here in Indiana!  

Horeb     Yup.  I’m grateful for you. 🙂    (Otherwise known as my big brother, but I shan’t reveal which one)   Despite living a long ways a ways from each, and being just a little different  (I know I’m a little city girl)   I know I can count on you and that you will watch out for me……even if I send you mushy, feel good  cards! Muwahah! 🙂



  1. The “Hi, I am Darren Dandy, and I will be your love host for the evening” country loving and leaving show ? HOW PATHETIC IS THAT !!!!!

    sheesh, tune into Delilah…

  2. Dude. Have you listened to him? HE SPEAKS TO THE HEART, man!

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