Posted by: purestjoy | November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Captain!

A number of years ago today, a boy named Karsten was born.   According to him, he was born on the moon.  In fact, that was how his collarbone was broken … from the fall.   I’m not clear on whether his birthdate on the moon was November 26 or whether that was the day that he landed here on earth.  But anyways ….  Since he of course was born on the moon, that meant that he was in charge so he preferred if I, his little sister, would call him Captain.   I was “Private”  though I must admit on a couple of occasions I did get demoted to “Worm” … only promoting myself back up to the private rank by baking him Chocolate Chip cookies. 

So … Today, I would like to salute Captain Karsten, with the hair of spun gold.   He’s been a very good brother, and I am very grateful that God placed me in a family with him in it. 🙂   He’s very knowledgeable on all sorts of subjects ….. and though he hates it when I say this, but he’s amazing when it comes to memorizing.   He memorized the Westminster Catechism in less than  week (and you better believe I quizzed him on every question!)  I lost a bet with him because I didn’t think he knew one of the Psalms from the Psalm (He knew the tune, words & EVERYTHING)   He has a knack for explaining theological things.   (He would make a great teacher!)  

So yes….Happy Birthday, Big Brother! 🙂    I hope that you have a great one …. and I’m already warming up my voice for singing you a grand ol’ birthday song! =D  



  1. Happy Birthday Karsten. 🙂

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