Posted by: purestjoy | November 27, 2007

Where does time go? Seriously? I got off work and now suddenly it’s 10:10????  I went to the one house, let the dogs out, fed them, watered, played … then went to MY house and had a quick Bible Study with Roomie ….then came to this house, got myself a quick bite, fed the fish, watered the plants, fed the cats … did the dishes, swept & mopped, got waaay too happy with the Magic Eraser (seriously that thing is AMAZING)   and I sit down to play Scrabulous .. and behold! The time!  I still need to iron and work on my lines!   

I seriously need to learn to manage on less sleep.  I haven’t practiced on my steno machine in a week and that is BAD.  Sometimes I wish God had made more hours in a day. But then I think about it, and God always knows what He is doing — and knowin us we would just fill it up with more meaningless stuff. :/     

That’s one of the things I’ve been pondering ….. how something can be a sin to somebody, and nobody understands it and they think that they’re being too legalistic.  Sometimes that which isn’t sinful at all, used in the wrong way IS sin. If I put my classical music above God, and decide to listen to it when I KNOW I should be praying …. then it’s sin.  This is something I’ve always known…but it’s been on my heart a lot more.  Probably because there are some things that I’m “weeding” out of my life, that don’t look sinful, but that I feel I should just let go at the moment …. and I fear the label “legalistic”.  And that is stupid. When will I learn to follow God, with BOTH eyes on Him … not one eye on those around me?   Hopefully soon, Lord, hopefully soon.



  1. Amen, I am right there with ya.

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