Posted by: purestjoy | December 7, 2007

  •  Last night I had the best test that I have had in a LONG LONG LONG time.   It made me excited about school again … in a way that I haven’t been for years.   Lately I’ve been “excited” meaning ” filled-with-SHEER-DETERMINATION-TO GET-THRUGH-THE-DANG-THING” …. but after this test, it was TRUE excitement!   Seriously, there’s no feeling in the world, like feeling that you got EVERY single word!  squeeeeee.   I have sent it to my teacher, so hopefully she’ll grade it soooooon. 🙂    I know I messed up the first paragraph (I couldn’t figure out what I had written which is kind of important)  but I’m hoping that I did so well on the rest of the test that I will still pass.  (hopes hopes hopes hopes) 
  • A lady at Best buy on Wednesday night inspired me.   She was a customer but she was just sooo pleasant, she smiled as she passed me … and I thought to myself, “Wow … She seems really nice and kewl”   And so I determined to be better at smiling and being pleasant to people.  I mean, I’m not mean to people but I also don’t make a concentrated effort to smile at them and just be pleasant.  Sometimes we get too involved in being wrapped up in ourselves and our lives and what we have to get done that we miss out on just the simple things, like blessing somebody with a smile.
  • My stack of stuff to do is just whittling it’s way to being almost done.  That too is a good feeling, my friends! I can breathe again!! SQUEEEEEEEEE! 
  • I am getting my hair done.  I cannot tell you how relieved I am about that. It’s been driving me crazy.   But soon I will feel oh so pretty again!   (HAH!) 
  • The DHL driver asked me last night about something regarding his relationship with his GF.   After I talked,  he decided maybe he didn’t want to hear a girl’s point of view after all…..heh.   Although, honestly, I should just keep my mouth shut. I have got to learn to do that!

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