Posted by: purestjoy | December 11, 2007

I know I haven’t written much lately.   It’s hard to find something interesting to write about right now, simply because my life is consumed with school & the play right now .. and I’m sure that gets kind of boring to read about!   🙂       Even though both are tons of fun.  Okay, school not so much … the play is though! It’s my comic relief of the week!

Friday night I had the opportunity to go with one of the families from church to see Butler’s “Rejoice”.   It was GREAT.   It really got me in the Christmas spirit!  ‘Twas so festive!    I have been unable to get my hands on an advent book … so there goes that great idea.   I was going to try and “do” advent this year … however one “does” advent, but I couldn’t figure out how to.   (Do not laugh at me! I know I’m woefully ignorant!)  And unfortunateley with the amount of play practices that we’ve had to put in since December started, I really haven’t been able to really focus on that.   But I am hoping to just take some time next week, just to really sit down, slow down and remember and give thanks for what this season is all about.  It’s so easy to get caught up in everything and miss out on it.  I know I was SO blessed by semi-observing Lent this year … it made Easter that much more joyful.   I think we do miss out on a lot by simply flinging this days here and there and not taking the proper time to really ponder them and highlight that reason in our lives.  There’s a reason God has weeks of celebration, (thinking of passover and feast of the tents, etc)  

My engaged friend is my friend Julia 🙂    I am SOOO happy for her!  They are getting married rather quickly (in February)  yet she is remaining surprisingly calm, over all!   Right now we’re trying to figure out my maid of honor dress … It’s really hard to find one with sleeves that doesn’t look dorky.  And the right color as well.   I wish I were one of those people that could just shine in any color!  But oh well .. I shall work with what God has given me! 😉



  1. I think Julia gets a gold star for being calm and planning a wedding in two months!! 🙂
    You know you could always try a sleeveless dress with a jacket or shrug if you can’t find a dress with sleeves… just a thought. You will have so much fun and be SO beautiful 🙂

  2. Trying to remember?—would that be Julio, descendant of eastern european royalty with the ethnicity code? Either way–Please pass on-Gen 2:24—–the melding process is not overnight and will incorporate emotions, both good and bad—Keep the eye on the top of the triangle and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  3. Happy 13th—-didn’t get a chance to call but we’re all thinking about you……………………..

  4. Just to let you know–prayerline for Trista Mentzer-Was in head-on collision , another one of those Hwy 22, currently at OHSU ICU.

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