Posted by: purestjoy | December 20, 2007

My brain is officialy mush.   Despite having classical music playing in the background(because you know that makes you smarter)   it still is mush from sitting and staring at the computer for 4+ hours.   Oh well.  When I get back from vacation, I will be very glad that I put in this time!  And who knows, maybe the mush status of the brain will help me in school tonight?   It can get me in the ZONE….says the eternal optimist in me.

I am getting SO excited about the fact that I am going to Oregon. With everything going on (the good, the bad, and the ugly)  I hadn’t had a chance to let the fact sink in.  It just hit me today (seeing the family, playing boggle, going to Powell’s, eating at the crepe store….SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!!)  So I am MAJORLY psyched. 🙂     Despite the fact that I am going to have the lamest New’s Years Eve EVER.   Yes, I still haven’t gotten over that fact. 😛

oh! And yes, the play went well. 🙂    Due to the weather, it was  a smaller crowd, but that was fine.  No missed lines, no major disasters, I wasn’t too off key for my solos…yay!  (in fact, one guy was like “You can come and sing special music here ANY TIME!” )  🙂 🙂  God bless their little ol’ hard of hearing hearts! =D

 Btw, in case of you are wondering, the Josh Groban Christmas CD IS love.   It’s soooo….aww…..*insert goofy grinz*    Mother claims that not only do I love his music, I love HIM.    Which just might be the case.  my little pumpkin.



  1. So glad the play went well!! I really wanted to come but alas… Have a great time in Oregon! And I love the Josh Groban Christmas cd, also!

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