Posted by: purestjoy | January 9, 2008

For the record, I HATE going to the gym.    I guess I was spoiled by Ladies’ Only. No crowds.  The machines were spread out so you didn’t feel people watching you. (Okay, so I’m sure they’re not watching me … but there are so many people, and I invariably end up feeling like a female Mr. Bean .. with me not being able to walk straight (I think it’s a medical condition) my tendency to drop things at alarming rates, etc)   I’m pretty much a hazard to everybody around me.

I’m having one of those “I HATE BEING AN ADULT” day.  It seems as if every single thing I come across, I just don’t want to do.   I would have dearly loved to shirk responsibility today.  But I didn’t. I was an adult.  What a horrid word. 

And obviously I need to work on my happy little attitude. 😉   or rather non existant at the moment happy little attitude.    See, folks. This is me being REAL. I belive in keepin’ it real for the people, man.  Real for the people!    (okay. somebody feel free to just … shut me up or something)   Actually please don’t.  I don’t like being shut up.  

But I DO like mushrooms.


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