Posted by: purestjoy | January 17, 2008

I am SO tired this morning!   I was all set to go to bed early last night, I was just finishing up cleaning off my bed .. when roomie comes up and wants to talk … so…so long early bed time!    It was good. It’s always good to talk and bond.  I only wish I could function on less sleep! O, to be young again! 😉

I had a whole post written out, but it was rather comlainy so I won’t go back into all the details. 🙂  Aren’t you lucky?! 😉  But the bad thing is, it seems all I have to post about is stuff I have to do. That gets really boring, I’m sure. I mean, it’s fascinating to me .. but then I’m easily entertained, so you know. 😉   I can’t assume everybody is like me!

I just purchased a song from Billy Ray Cyus on ITunes.    Because I’m that kewl.  Seriously. I am.   So I now have 5 songs that I have purchased from i-tunes. Since I have nothing else to write about I shall tell you what they are. “Beautiful Soul” Jesse McCartney.   “All I know of Love” Barbara Streisand with Josh Groban (shocked aren’t you? 😉 ) “I’m a Saint”  Mark Chessnutt   “Unbreakable Heart” Jessica Andrews  “Ready Set Don’t Go” Billy Ray Cyrus.    I still have $5.80  to use on itunes.   Any suggestions?    (I won a $10 gift card on it 🙂   )  I hadn’t used it in forver because I *heart* rhapsody .. but sometimes on rhapsody you can’t just download it with your subscription, you have to buy it. So then I go over and use my gift card on itunes.  

I really am a dork.   Seriously.  Jesse McCartney??  I’m a little embarassed.   And now that I’m listening to the Mark Chessnutt song … WHY???      Apparantly because I guess I think my momma thinks I’m a saint. 

I think I need coffee.  Or professional help. But coffee is more available and tons cheaper!


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