Posted by: purestjoy | January 28, 2008

So I learned last night at church that Estacada, OR has a Reformation Society!   Estacada?!   Of all places in Oregon, I don’t think that I would have ever picked it for a Reformation Society.   It is completely awesome though.  (Estacada is where Ereling graduated from high school … and I went to the elementary school there too ..)   Still. It blows my mind, it’s kind of a rough little town .. or used to be anyways….heh 🙂  

This weekend was SO. MUCH. FUN. !!!!!!!!!     If my girls won’t kill me, I shall post pictures of just how to have a proper bacherlorette party!     Although my advice to those who are thinking of throwing one and going downtown … do not do it on the weekend when the Monster Trucks come to town.  Um. Yeah.  And once you see a picture of us 4, you will realize how even more hilarious it was that we went out like we were, in the midst of the Monster Truck crowd. 😉

I had lunch with my Mommy today!  It was soo nice to be able to have a little break, and spend time with her …. because she rocks.   🙂

I completely failed in my Mini Marathon Training and my practicing for school last week.  That has to change this week. It just has too :/

Oh, and I got nominated again  for church meeting secretary.  (It’s the third time I’ve been nominated…I’ve done it twice)  I really really really really really really don’t want it.  But I told them I would do it if they couldn’t find anybody else.  Apparently they didn’t.   Hopefully everybody will vote for Cynthia. (HINT HINT HINT)   Even if they don’t … I will do it with a servant’s heart, but I feel so totally inadequate doing it!

Lost starts this week. I AM SO EXCITED. ….. except that it starts at 8 on Thursday.  My class ENDS at 8!  BOO!!!   And somehow I don’t think that I can convince everybody to end class early so I can get home to watch it. (I already asked to see if anybody else was hooked … but nobody else was .. BOO!)    The plan is:  Kim is going to come over on Wednesday to watch it with me, and then since I will be late on Thursday, I’ll just go over there to her house and she’ll get me caught up on what happened on the commercials.   I still am really bummed.  I just hope that it’s not at 8 every Thursday night.  That would so totally suck.   I know I can watch it online, but Lost is one of those shows that I cannot  watch alone! It’s just so much better when somebody else is there!  🙂   

I’m going to start a petition to do polls on wordpress. I have several pressing matters that I want to know what you, my readers ….or reader …, think about them!  


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