Posted by: purestjoy | February 1, 2008

So we were supposed to get 8 to 12 inches of snow last night, with ice.   I was so looking forward to this. Why? So I could stay home … read my book, bake bread, CLEAN (oh how bad my room can get when I haven’t been home on the weekends for nearly a month now!) watch episodes of Lost, and prepare for the bridal shower tomorrow … So I wake up this morning, hoping to a see a winter wonderland ………… .. I COULD STILL SEE MY GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So yeah. I’m at work.   I’m so bummed! 😦   I so had my hopes up.   So now in the midst of the business here, I’m attempting to come up with a game for tomorrow, and also get everything worked out for another shower, coming up in you know, a week.     So much for a 3 day weekend.  BOO 😦



  1. I hear you on the snow! We were supposed to get 6-10 inches throughout the day, and my husband was planning to stay home from work. We woke up to an inch or so, and he’s at work. 😦

  2. Yeah, it was such a bummer…

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