Posted by: purestjoy | February 4, 2008

So did y’all SEE the superbowl last night!?       I had to watch it by myself … and I could hardly stand it so I must admit that I was going back and forth between the Superbowl and “Jane Austen Regrets”. (Both were very good, btw)   

 I am just so excited that the Giants won. 🙂 🙂   Like I was explaining to my dear roomie,  just as I love her family without actually knowing them because I love her, it’s the same way with Eli Manning.  I love Peyton so therefore I love Eli.  (plus, I loathe the Patriots .. so you know …. heh 😉 )  

Anyways…it was very exciting! And I think I might have to admit to becoming more of a football fan than a basketball fan …. what IS this world coming to!?



  1. My reason for rooting for the Giants: The Colts didn’t make it to the Superbowl. Eli is related to Peyton. Therefore, by Eli’s team winning it is like a part of the Colts winning. 🙂

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