Posted by: purestjoy | February 8, 2008

The sweetness of coffee, hopefully that it will steal away and bring me some sort of mental awakeness.   Time has slipped by so quickly this week ……All of a sudden, Friday night is upon us.  I try not to think about the disarray of my house, and the fact that I am expecting 8 women over, an hour after I get home.   Maybe angels will help me clean?  And the hope that I won’t be so tired by the time they all get there that I won’t be able to enjoy it … I so want to relax and enjoy the time with friends.    A good hostess, I am not. A good planner, I am not.   But I am me ….. what more can you expect?   (Alas for my expectations of myself…) 

I can’t believe in 2 weeks, I’ll be rushing around for the wedding.  My dear Julia will be a Mrs.   I know life changes, and that’s good.   But ….. sometimes it’s hard to accept it when you like it just the way it was.   You try to reason with yourself that the future is better, but sometimes you’re really illogical.  How can one be so happy … yet so sad at the same time?   Tears of joy for the future, tears of sadness for the past… mixed wonderfully together?   It’s strange knowing life will never be the same.   You think it won’t change.  But it always does……



  1. Yep, yep always changing with only a shadow of yesterday.

  2. Change is so hard, but so good all at the same time.
    I am praying that God eases the hardness in this change and magnifies the joy!!
    Love you!

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