Posted by: purestjoy | February 21, 2008

Today I managed to get myself out of bed when my alarm went off. Yes, yes, I know I should be doing that every day … but it’s SO hard when it’s so cold, and you’re so warm, and you’re so tired …. but I did it anyways.   Three gold stars for me! 😉  

Green tea is gross when it’s cold.   Blech!
But I digress.    I have tomorrow off from work.  It’s hard to believe that the wedding is HERE.   I’m slightly freaking out … and I’m not even the bride!   I’m sure it will all be great though.  It will.   P.S.  The maid of honor speech … who in the heck invented that tradition?!    Like, somebody who never was a bridesmaid, or you know, somebody on crack??

I digress again.   It’s been crazy at work today. case in point: I started this post at like … 10, it’s now 4.   Disasters have been averted, attorneys have been appeased, all is well with the world!  

Have I mentioned that I am SO looking forward to my massage on Sunday?   😉


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