Posted by: purestjoy | February 25, 2008

The wedding is now over.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Julia was radiant. 🙂 🙂    I made it through the ceremony without crying (yay!)  I made it through my speech without crying (yay!)   Of course, afterwards, when Shani asked how I was doing … well then I kind of lost it.  (Oh, and I lost it when Julia gave her gift to me….20 minutes before the wedding!  Like, I was sobbing! but at least I knew then my mascara was waterproof…:)

A Couple Highlights!

*When the minister asked Frank if he took Julia to be his wife, he answered in Polish AND English … totally unexpected, and So sweet! (yeah, I teared up)

*At the rehearsal dinner, I had told Julia’s brothers that they really needed to use Polish words that I understood, so I could understand some of their conversations.  (my polish words would be “ousta” *lips*  and “muha” *bow tie* )  I gave them examples, i.e, “How are your lips today?” “My lips are fine”.  etc.   Well, during the ceremony, they read Psalm 145 in Polish … I understood some of it!!   OUSTA!  It was great.  (and they got a kick out of it, when I told them I understood some of it! 😉 )

*”In Christ Alone” is so totally one of my most favorite songs now.  They had Susi sing that during the unity candle part, and their first communion together.  And they prayed together, while she was singing.  *yeah, I teared up*

*When they announced the best man and I at the reception, he accidently stepped on my dress and I tripped.  It was awesome. 😉   Thankfully, most of the people couldn’t see that, and all they saw was he and I hysterically cracking up as we walked to the head table.   (btw, I was so glad that the best man had a great sense of humour .. WHEW! Plus, he had the cutest little boy ever … seriously, that baby smiled at everybody!)

Not a highlight:

I took my camera .. but I didn’t take one single picture all day on Friday and all day on Saturday. So hopefully a friend will send me at least one via email so you guys can see the dress and the hair. (hint, hint hint ERICA *coughs*)

P.S.   The massage today was AWESOME.



  1. After listening to Big Idea’s ‘Veggie Tales’ song ‘I Love my Lips.’ I was curious to find out if ousta really was Polish for lips, so I googled it and came across your blog. Thankyou for confirming it. 😉

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