Posted by: purestjoy | February 28, 2008

Sometimes it really is a small world!  Today, as I perusing blogs, which I have been known to do from time to time, I noticed that some links on a particular blog, were blogs to a blog on livejournal.   “Livejournal?” thought I.   So I clicked and come to find out, this person was a friend of a friend on Livejournal!  So I now feel connected ………. though I have no clue in reality who this person is (and I’m quite sure they do not know I exist, which is generally how it ought to be)

Still.  It makes you wonder … walking down the street.  That fellow who just narrowly missed stepping in the puddle because he wasn’t paying attention because he was jamming to his ipod ……  does he know somebody I know?    Is he a friend of a friend?   A cousin to my third grade teacher’s nephew?    It’s kind of kewl when you think about it. 🙂


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