Posted by: purestjoy | March 3, 2008

It was a busy weekend … and as thus, I’m starting off the week exhausted … not a good sign! 😉   So what kept me busy?   Why, I am so glad you asked! 😉  (you might not be, but that’s beside the point…….;) )

 Friday, was of course International Tiara Day. So after work, I donned my tiara and went out running errands.   It was quite humourous, if I do say so myself.   The best comment was a guy at Costco.. “Happy birthday?”  nooo… “Happy Bacherlorette party?” Nooo.. “Um, Never Mind!!!”  and he runs off in the opposite direction. hehehe.  People at Bed Bath & Beyond & Marsh didn’t seem to notice, neither did the people at Blockbuster.  So yeah, I got through with my errands, rented a couple movies, and devoted some time to my room while I watched “Martian Child”  (Btw, was pleasantly surprised with that movie!)  Saturday was Jaci’s church Bridal shower.   The girls did SUCH a good job! Then Mom came over and I practiced for awhile. (and got REALLY frustated 😛 )  Then I watched “Becoming Jane” while working on my room some more (it was a certified disaster zone and driving me crazy)   Oh, and I didn’t really care for “Becoming Jane”. I wanted to like it. I love Jane Austen and I like Anne Hathaway.    But…meh.   Needless to say, I got a lot done while watching that movie. heh 😉

 Sunday was church .. and then after church, 3 friends and I made the trek to CTS to watch “Merchant of Venice”.  It was really well done. I was impressed.  Then I spent some time after chatting with Laura P., and then after that church, again. 🙂

And with that …. I need to get cracking on work.  There’s a lot to be done! 🙂   If I only can stay awake………


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