Posted by: purestjoy | March 7, 2008

It’s finally Friday.   Thank the Lord, I say.    It’s been a hard week.  I’ve been cranky, ungrateful, frustrated and in a horrible need of an attitude adjustment.    Last night, at school, it all just kind of came out. (my poor classmate)   I don’t know if that’s good or bad!  I feel as though I need to hole up for a week, and get myself straightened out.   While I can’t do a whole week, I am planning on taking this weekend for a “God date”. So yeah, don’t call or email because I won’t answer (unless you’re one of my 3  friends who are due at any moment!)

In good news, I did pass a test last night …. I only missed 5 words out of 900.   and I was going to take the National Certification Test .. and then when I went to sign up today,  I realized that it’s on the same day as the Mini Marathon. :/    So …… yeah.   It’s kind of impossible to be two places at once.  Unless one you know a secret?? 😉

6 Things I’m grateful for:

1  My Family (especially my sister-in-law and nieces in Oregon! ) 

2.  The coffee shop guy downstairs, who not only makes a mean white chocolate mocha, but also plays amazing piano.

3.  Attorneys who ARE nice to the receptionist, who smile and are considerate and act like we exist.

4.  My shiny red  coffee cup.

5.  My job.   I really do work for the best people in the whole world.

6.  Digital Cameras ….. It’s great being able to capture moments and then knowing right away whether you need to recapture it again. 😉



  1. Did you re-coup?

  2. I did……..Yay God!!! 🙂

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