Posted by: purestjoy | March 13, 2008

So.  What have I been up to?   Well. Let me tell you! 

  • Cheesecake factory with Krikket.   Good times were had by all.  Well, maybe not by those around us, but we had fun.   We were seated at a table that seated 6.   And there were only two us.   I’m not quite sure what they were saying about our size, but I tried not to be offended.  After Cheesecake, I went to her house and got totally stocked up on books.  Sadly,   I think the Cheesecake Factory also drugged our coffee.  I ordered caffeinated … and by the time I got to Krikket’s house, I could NOT stay awake!  The next day I felt horribly sleepy as well so the only explanation is being drugged.  They really should be so ashamed of themselves! Just because people have a good time does NOT mean they should be drugged!
  • Before the Cheesecake Factory, we made our way to see Beth & Aaron’s new baby girl!   She was absolutely adorable, and incredibly alert for a newborn! 🙂    We did have some issues actually finding the baby section of the hospital. You would think it would clearly marked.   But it wasn’t. So finally I resorted to asking… “DUDE .. WHERE’S THE BABIES!?”    (okay.  minus the dude. 😉 )  
  • Yesterday, we celebrated my boss’s birthday …….. 10 days late.  (and I probably would not have remembered had it not been for my other boss .. I am SO bad at birthdays!) At least she was pleasantly surprised.   I spent the morning getting her cake and flowers.   Just so you know, at this time of the year, apparently it’s REALLY hard to find single tulips.
  • Last night, I took a nap and woke up to a whole houseful of people. That was a little embarassing, stumbling down the stairs with mascara smears and going “OH!  THERE”S PEOPLE!!!”   I’m so classy at all times. 😉
  • I also got to talk to the newlywed! They got back from Peru, and are doing great! 🙂  
  • I went over to another friend’s house to see what I had to work with for a baby shower on Saturday. I’m not going to decorate a lot (her house is SO kewly decorated that I don’t want to cover it up)  but a few streamers and balloons should do it.  Just so you know you’re at a baby shower … because what’s a baby shower without decorations?  Just a person  opening presents, let me tell you and where’s the fun in that?  Balloons and streamers are KEY. 😉
  • I’m really hungry.  Why can I not be hungry when I leave the house, but it always hits me at work … where all I have is peanut?  Sheesh.


  1. So—were you able to find MARRIED tulips???

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