Posted by: purestjoy | March 17, 2008


Our church has started doing communion more often.  I really like that.

You all should read the comment on the last entry.  My dear mother made me laugh out loud with that one.

My computer at home still isn’t working.   So, I don’t spend a lot of time online anymore. Just so y’all know ’cause I’m not posting as often.   I feel deprived, but you know, it’s ALL good. 

I have read 5 books in the past week.  Actually 6 …. but 2 are ones that I had been working on for awhile.  Still. It was nice to  get them  finished.  I also got an audio book from the library, “How to be more interesting“.  You all will have to let me know if it’s good or not! (HAHAHAHA)

I found some more Lost fans at church yesterday. woo hoo!  I also need to call my dear nieces (who called me multiple times on Saturday, but I missed all the calls due to a dead cell phone! sorry!! 😦 😦  I’m sorry guys 😦   Bad Auntie!)   I do want to talk about the last couple of episodes and see what you guys think!) 

So that’s all. I’m alive and I hope that you all are well! 🙂



  1. I really hope jin does not die or else I will file a complaint to the lost people !

  2. Seriously! Although I still need to lodge my complaint about Charlie!

  3. Rachel and I kinda cheated and went on to a lost website and read the summary for this weeks episode. It said that libby makes an interesting return! I am so excited!

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