Posted by: purestjoy | April 8, 2008

Holy cow, they totally changed the layout of wordpress.  It’s messing with my MIND.   Which is unfortunately really easy to mess with, apparently.

So.   I have a dilemna.  I have many of those in my life, but this is a big one.   It concerns Horton (and not my cousins .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … I crack myself up)   (btw, if any of the Horton’s ARE reading this, HI, you loveable things, you!)     It concerns the movie.  I really  want to see the movie, “Horton Hears a Who”.    All the refined and sophisticated people are seeing it, you know.  I even have a free ticket.  (God bless friends who don’t see movies, who pass on free tickets when they get them!) But I don’t have the time!   I don’t like seeing movies during the week because I have too many things going on during the weekdays … so that leaves Saturday (because I won’t go to the theatres on a Sunday) and all of a sudden, my Saturdays are exploding with activity!   Which is actually kind of unusual.  

I know, I know. Priorities. And I know watching a movie shouldn’t take presidence over people, but still. 😉

Also?   Computer buying a big pain in the neck!   I had NO idea there were so many types of processors … what in the world is the difference between pentium, athlon, celeron …. ?!   I sure don’t know! and what’s more I dont really care to know … except I have to.   I need a really smart personal assistant to work for me, for free.   I might even throw in a movie ticket here and there. haha 😉




  1. lila went and saw horton hears a who in theaters,so every time any one[except for emma or rachel they took advantage of it]says that word I slap her.

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