Posted by: purestjoy | April 8, 2008

Random facts:

*I don’t like any of the presidential candidates.  This probably makes me a horrible American, Christian, woman, whatever … but I don’t.   *sighs*   Karsten says McCain all the way …. but I still am not sure… at all.  

* I’m not good at planning for the future, at making decisions …. but at least I have the end of my life figured out.   I know where I’m going after this life is over… and I already have a nice cemetery plot for my body here.    So that’s something, right?? 😉 

*I am a firm believer that creamer can make bad coffee good.  Thus, I’m horrible at making good coffee because I just fix it with lots of cream.

*I also think that anything can be expressed through song.   This tends to drive people crazy, because most of the time, whatever you say, I can put into song.  I like to think of it as creative expression. 

*My niece Daisy and I were once to make a CD called, “Songs of the Chinese Delivery Girl”.   with songs such as “Kung Pao sauce on the passenger seat”.   I still think this has loads of potential.



  1. I don’t see how not liking any of the candidates makes you a horrible anything. 🙂 Maybe that’s because I don’t like any of them either. I’m seriously considering third party for the first time! My brother says McCain all the way, too.

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