Posted by: purestjoy | April 17, 2008

So does anybody want to buy a bowling ball?  It’s a great bowling ball, and it only costs $15!   My niece is selling one.    My niece who thinks “The Rock” is a mixture of her neighbor Don (her 70 year-old neighbor), her Dad, and my Dad…..;)   We love her, we do.

I think I might actually get my car oil changed this weekend … (I’m only, well..I’m too embarassed to say how far overdue I am for that) AND I might even flowers planted. Isn’t that a novel idea?   😉  

Life is crazy busy. I don’t particularly like that … because then it seems that in the busyiness of it, the important things get pushed to the wayside.  When one has so many distractions, it’s hard to contemplate on the more important things … and then a month goes by, and you feel all spiritually drained, and feel like you haven’t engaged your mind in anything of importance.   There is a such a balance. Because some things have to get done, in order for life to function  so that you can spend time on the important things …. so it’s knowing when to do those things, and when to stop and say “Hey.   I need to read”  “I need to spend a day in prayer” “I need to have a long talk with a friend”   and let the laundry, oil changing, cleaning …go. 🙂      Wisdom …. how many things wisdom is needed for!! 



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