Posted by: purestjoy | April 18, 2008

 So this morning …. I was awakened by the house shaking.  Now in my very tired stupor I thought I was still at Crystal’s and Levi was shaking the the bed & wall, and then as I opened my eyes to see where he was, I realized that I was in fact at MY house, with no child to shake the bed …and I was pretty sure that my roommate wouldn’t do that.  and then I realized the whole house was shaking ….

So I lay in bed, thinking … wow.   Okay.  This is an earthquake. And it’s not stopping.  So then I was sure the Lord was returning, (which I am prone to think when there’s a REALLY bad storm or an earthquake)  But, obviously, He didn’t. 

What’s kind of alarming is that I forgot all my earthquake training, and I just laid in bed, ready for the house to fall on me instead of going to a doorway … hello!?  

I turned on the news immediately and they didn’t say anything about it, but when I came back 40 minutes later, theyw ere all talking about it …. Is everybody okay??? (especially those in KY & IL????)  



  1. Ummm, not an idea there was an earthquake. Apparently my in-laws, who are in town, heard about it on the news. Dewayne, Aaron’s dad, was up at that time and felt nothing. However, supposedly, they felt tremors in Chicago. Who knew…


  2. It startled me at first but then I realized it was just a faults alarm and went back to sleep

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